Management Consulting

We help the governmental and private sectors and institutions in their journey towards achieving sustainable success by providing management consulting in various fields for the public and private sectors and entrepreneurs.

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Institutional Transformation

Evaluating based on various criteria such as: strategic basis, financial performance, and staff capacity to design the appropriate comprehensive strategy for the institution.

Human Resource Development

Providing professional support to elaborate human resources requirements within the provision of integrated management systems in the best practices possible.

Management structure

We relay on global methodologies to develop organizational structures to assist organizations guarantee investing all possible resources and move forward to reach current and future goals.

Vision, Mission and Policies

We aim to determine the identity of the organization, their work field and formulating a strategic vision According to deliberate scientific steps and crystallized it into a strategic message with a clear and understandable formulation for all. Where the vision is a common line to highlight the energy of each individual in the organization and focus it in the direction of the institution’s hope.

Job Analysis

Gathering, analyzing and synthesizing information for each job. To identify everything related to the job in terms of its requirements, characteristics and nature to use the modern scientific methods available in this field.

Key Performance Indicators، KPI

Measuring performance indicators is done by establishing a methodology based on approved global methodologies. In order to help measure the extent of the institution’s success in achieving its goals and developing its business.

Business process re-engineering (BPR)

Building a tight and integrated strategic plan that invests all the organization's material and human resources and moves towards the future to achieve the organization's vision and mission in order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.


Corporate Governance Service helps the organization reduce risks and avoid mismanagement in order to ensure its integrity and enhance shareholder value.

Strategic Planning

Radically consider work procedures and re-design them in a way that increases performance and efficiency plus reducing the cost of completing work and providing services.

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