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King Abdulaziz Quality Award

About the Award

The award is a way to achieve excellence in business by providing an integrated structure to coordinate all performance improvement and management activities by enabling enterprises to assess their current performance and compare it to the performance level in world-class.

Award Criteria

The award model provides a specific criteria that enable organizations to measure their performance in several fields to help them to improve their business as constant.

What do we offer?

Brains Valley provides consulting services evaluating facilities according to the award criteria, providing improvement and development reports, and a roadmap for excellence journey to help establishments prepare well for participation in the award.

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European Foundation for Quality Management

EFQM Application

EFQM Model is applied to solve the problems of organizations and their quality management, by promoting a culture of setting goals, forming leaders, and defining easy practices to meet challenges to obtain sustainable and high quality organizational excellence.

Helps to ..

Define company’s culture

Build Leaders

Face challenges

Promote easy practices

EFQM Model gave Insightful vision and rigorous organizational analysis to drive a safe path of progression and transformation for the ease of movement of the organization amidst changes and emerging threats.

EFQM Principles

EFQM Model contains eight main principles that help to create the culture, beliefs, and common goals that are the core at the heart of organizations with their direct and committed connection to the vision and mission of the institution.

Based On

Defining targeted results in a systematic way as part of the organization's overall strategy to ensure implementation.

Planning and developing a set of approaches to achieve the required current and future results.

Evaluate and improve the methods used by monitoring and analyzing the achieved results plus continuous learning from them.

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