Frequency Questions

– Arabic language to explain, course references and curricula vary according to the training course.

– Training courses are approved according to the competent accreditation body for the type of course, and accreditation is for professional training courses after successfully passing the test. As for training courses that are introductory, principles and internal auditing, the trainee gets a certificate of attendance.

The course submission mechanism for each course is explained when browsing the offered courses.

4- How much are the training courses?
The price varies according to the type of course, the length of time, and the course delivery mechanism.

– Yes, there is a service to provide training courses for companies and groups.

Training courses are scheduled periodically.

Training courses are offered to individuals and companies as well.

According to the requirements and mechanism of the accreditation body for each professional course.

The time period varies according to the type and level of the training course.