Secure Your Business from Cyber Attacks with Professional Security Solutions

Certified experts to safeguard your data from breaches, whether you're a commercial company, government institution, or an individual concerned about cybersecurity.

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Data breaches expose your business to numerous risks.

Our certified experts at Brains Valley work on securing your business data from breaches through comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. We identify potential vulnerabilities in your systems and implement effective barriers to prevent security violations.

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Malware and viruses put your sensitive information at risk.

 Our advanced technology detects and eliminates threats before they can cause any harm, ensuring that your systems remain safe and protected.

Our Services:

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Web Application Penetration Testing

Simulating user or attacker actions to identify and exploit security vulnerabilities in web applications, including code, database, and server security.

Network Penetration Testing

Simulating hacker activities to target your organization's network, applications, and connected devices. This helps discover security vulnerabilities before malicious actors exploit them.

Vulnerability Assessment

A comprehensive process involving defining, classifying, and evaluating vulnerabilities' impact on computer systems, applications, and network infrastructures. This helps understand and address potential threats.

Cyber Incident Response

A structured plan aimed at responding to cybersecurity incidents. It includes identifying the breach scope, isolating compromised systems, and restoring affected systems to operation.

Penetration Testing Evaluation

An analytical process to detect past or current cybersecurity breaches in the cyber infrastructure using digital forensic investigation techniques and network and system monitoring to identify unusual activities and investigate them.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Examining the security of mobile phone applications during operation, including file system and network communication security, as well as server connectedness.

Cybersecurity Strategy:

A roadmap to understand the types of threats an organization may face, how to deal with cybersecurity challenges, and where to focus security efforts.

Security System Configuration Review:

Security products won't offer their full potential unless they're properly configured. We review security system configurations to ensure optimal utilization and effectiveness, addressing recurring implementation issues.

Managed Monitoring Services:

A comprehensive service that provides a detection and response system for endpoint devices, managed by professionals. It offers early threat detection and rapid response to our customers through an internet cloud and a central hosting center in Riyadh, equipped with the best practices and advanced technologies for continuous monitoring and advanced threat detection.

Cybersecurity Awareness:

Increasing employee awareness about cybersecurity to mitigate the risks of cybersecurity incidents and ensure employee knowledge of cyber risks.

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